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School Supply & Calculator Info

School Supply Lists for 2019-2020

Please find attached a Fact Sheet regarding the cessation of the School Supplies program and other fee changes that will be implemented for the September 2019 school year. 

School Supplies Fact Sheet


Graphing Calculators:

With the new fiscal reality we are anticipating within the budget, EICS will no longer be able to provide the free graphing calculator program for the September 2019 school year and families will be required to purchase these items as they have traditionally done.

Current grade 10 and 11 students who currently have an EICS provided graphing calculator will be provided the opportunity to purchase their current calculator for an additional $20 to the deposit that has already been provided. This $120 investment would equal a savings of over $50 versus what is currently being charged in the stores. To use this option, simply keep the calculator at the end of the year and the $20 will be assessed to your fees next school year. Should you wish to not participate, hand in the item at the end of the year in good shape and your $100 deposit will be refunded in the fall.

Students going into Math 10C, Math 20-1/30-1 and Math 20-2/30-2 will require the use of a graphing calculator. Staples is offering a preferred pricing on the TI-84 if parents are interested.

Scientific Calculator


School Supply Lists:

Current grade 9 students who are entering grade 10 will be provided the ability to purchase a graphing calculator at a volume reduced rate as part of their school supply package.

We have an preferred purchase option with our neighbors at Staples and the school supply lists for each grade are attached below. Should you choose to order through the online program with Staples the supplies will be delivered to SAB at the end of August ready for student pick up. 

Grade 12 Staples School Tools Parents Letter

Grade 11 Staples School Tools Parents Letter

Grade 10 Staples School Tools Parents Letter

Grade 9 Staples School Tools Parents Letter


One to One Technology Program:

EICS continues to be successful with the One to One Technology program which invites students in grade 4-12 to bring their own device to school as another tool for learning. Information about the program is attached below. 

FAQ For One To One

One To One (1)

Scientific Calculator / One to One Device


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