Edmonton Area- Japan Exchange 2019

Edmonton Area Japan Exchange 2019

Would you like one of a kind, high school experience?  This Edmonton Area Japan exchange happens once every 3 years and it is an experience you'd never forget.  

I am happy to announce an amazing opportunity at St.Andre Bessette Catholic School; a Japanese Reciprocal Exchange program.  This program occurs every three years and 2019 is the year! The students who are coming to Alberta are from Yamate Gakuin High School, located in Yokohama, Japan.  An international excursion is an integral part of the school’s educational program and is compulsory for all Grade 11 students at the school.

Let me inform you how the program works and how you may get involved.  First, all students are billeted as they stay in each other’s country. This includes spending time in each other’s school, touring local attractions, attending social functions, spending family time with their host families, etc.  Should you wish to be involved in this program and can billet Japanese students, but are unable to travel to Japan, this would still be a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the exchange program.

In 2018, the program for the 2019 Exchange year will be planned.  In the spring of 2019, the promotion of the Japan exchange will begin in earnest. Travel dates for the exchange are:


  1. North America Exchange
    1. Yamate arriving in Edmonton: April 12 (Friday)
    2. Departing: April 26 (Friday)
  2. Return Visit to Japan
    1. Edmonton students arriving in Japan: July 20 (Saturday). (Depart from Canada on Friday, July 19)
    2. Departing Japan: August 3 (Saturday)


If travelling to Japan is not an option for you, would you and your family consider billeting two Japanese students for 2 weeks?

Please contact Mrs Zaleschuk at 587-744-0750 or elaanz@eics.ab.ca for more information.