Our SAB Motto, Mission, and FAR Vision


The following Mission statement and vision are a work in progress as they account for the feedback received from students, staff, and other stakeholders on building school culture at SAB as part of our Education Assurance process.

Mission Statement: 

The Mission of St. Andre Bessette Catholic School is to provide a distinctly and thoroughly Catholic education - inspired by the example of St. Andre Bessette and directed by the love of God the Father as revealed through his son, Jesus Christ - leading students to become full participants in building a community of faith, academics, and respect.


“Put yourself in God’s Hands“

This comes from St. Andre Bessette's longer quote “Put yourself in God’s hands, he abandons no one.”

School Prayer:

Lord our God, You gave your faithful servant St. André Bessette,

a great devotion to Saint Joseph,

and a special commitment to the poor and afflicted.

We, the school under his care and patronage, ask your help

through his intercession, to follow his example of prayer and love

that we may be a true community,

where love, healing, and holiness are experienced.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,

who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God,forever and ever.


St. André Bessette, Pray for Us!


Vision:   We seek to honor, enhance, and nurture the dignity and unique gifts that God has given each student to be developed in their time at St. Andre Bessette.  In the spirit of St. Andre Bessette, we recognize that the gifts, skills, and abilities of each student are to be used with a confident humility and an attitude of service to build up Christ’s kingdom.  

As Cardinals, we have a student centered triad of focus that involves a shared, common language to bring about this vision. It involves: Faith, Academics, and Respect

As Cardinals We...


  • Will model Gospel values in our interactions with each other
  • Will participate in our faith, celebrations, and traditions as a community 
  • Will strive to deepen our relationship with Christ through prayer and serving our community



  • Will be on time, prepared, engaged, and ready to participate 
  • Will advocate for ourselves, are accountable for our own learning, and will take pride in our work
  • Will set goals for learning and work consistently to achieve academic success



  • Will respect ourselves, each other, and care for the space around us
  • Will show Cardinal pride by building up others for success
  • Will follow the rules and expectations of our school community and remain accountable for our own actions