Our Patron Saint

St. Andre Bessette - School Prayer


Lord our God, You gave your faithful servant St. André Bessette,

a great devotion to Saint Joseph,

and a special commitment to the poor and afflicted.

We, the school under his care and patronage, ask your help

through his intercession, to follow his example of prayer and love

that we may be a true community,

where love, healing, and holiness are experienced.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,

who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God,forever and ever.




St. André Bessette, Pray for Us!

About St. Andre Bessette - "The Miracle Man of Montreal"

It didn’t take long for St. André Bessette to become known as the “Miracle Man of Montreal.” He was a simple brother, not wanting much attention, but graced by God with a deep and abiding faith.

St. André was a porter, the “door man,” for the seminary and daily went about his business with little fanfare. He spent long hours on his knees and constructed a small chapel in honor of St. Joseph, where he spent much of his free time.

It didn’t take long for visitors to Bessette’s small chapel to begin reporting cures and special heavenly favors. It soon caught the attention of the local archbishop. Crowds began to form and they started to ask Brother André for his personal prayers. Miracles continued to occur and they labeled him a “Miracle Man.” Brother André only laughed at the name and said, “It is St. Joseph who does these things, I am like you, simply a suppliant.”

While he never became a priest, Brother André sat with people, heard their many sufferings and prayed with them. Afterwards many were healed of their ailments, either physical or spiritual. According to some estimates, over 10,000 people were cured (with some estimates reaching as many as 125,000). You can see the many crutches left behind by those healed if you visit St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal! The picture here is of only a small amount of those that can be seen in person.


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